Hello friend

Hi, I’m Steph – Marriage Celebrant based in our nation’s capital!

Whilst the thought of organising a wedding might encourage a groan from some, nothing will perk up my ears and force a squeal or other indistinguishable sound from me than talking weddings… except maybe babies and puppies.

When planning your wedding ceremony, its important to find someone who understands your unique vibe, is picking up what you’re putting down and is just as pumped as you are to officially tie that knot. But what’s even more important is to find someone who helps support and prepare you both for your moment – because this is your love story and your commitment, your way. THAT should be right up there on the ‘things I’m excited to organise’ list.

I would be positively stoked to do the honours.

I’m open minded, creative and enthusiastic, and I consider myself to be a bit of a hoot!

This job is my happy place and where I am at my best (aside from being mum!). I am guilty of becoming hugely invested in my clients and sharing all the excitement in the lead up, and bursting with happiness and happy tears for you both on your big day. I love getting to know my clients as both clients and as friends, friendships that often continue once the actual wedding is over.

I am a fierce campaigner of all the feels, no matter who you are or who you’re into, my love of love is larger than life and tireless. My couples are my priority and I will bust my butt for you. We’ll make your ceremony perfectly yours, and have a dandy time in the process